Totesport – £5 (Low Risk)

For this offer you’ll be using your existing Totesport account.  If you have not done the Totesport Sportsbook offer you should do that first.

Click here to view the offer.

Step 1 – Qualify

Log in to your Totesport account and deposit £5.  Choose Games at the top of the website and play any game you want.

Step 2 – Extract Profit

Open up any slot game and begin doing £1 spins, if your balance goes over £5 you have made a profit and you are done.

Alternative strategy:   Open Roulette and play 4 separate £1 spins on Red or Black then do a final spin using your entire balance.  If it wins you’ve made an instant £5 profit if it loses you get the refund.

No matter which method you choose your goal is to either make a profit whilst playing the slot or roulette or play until you’ve lost your full £5.

Important:  If you do lose your £5 remember that Totesport will credit you a £5 refund the next day and you need to play through the refund once before you can extract it.

Either go back to your chosen slot or open roulette and do five separate £1 spins on Red or Black.  You will most likely end up with the full £5 or close to it and you should withdraw your money when you are done.