There are two basic strategies to playing online slots and you will use both at various times whilst trying to complete wagering of bonuses or even if you fancy a few spins every now and again to keep your bookmaker/casino accounts healthy.

Big Win – high risk

In this strategy you can either play high RTP games (see casino slot RTP guide) and increase the bet amount to £5-£10 per spin so if you get an early big win there is a better chance of wagering out the balance.  Or you play high variance slots (see casino high variance slot guide) and play lower bets per spin for example 50p in the hope you hit a bonus round and get a big win.

High RTP Big Bet Example – Wild Gambler

wild-gambler-casino-slotWild Gambler is one of my favourite slots as it has a medium/high RTP of 96.7%, has a great bonus round (8 free spins) and the wilds are sticky meaning you can get some big wins.  It also has the added feature allowing you to choose sticky wilds during normal spins which increase your chances of winning on every spin but this increases your spin bet for every sticky wild you choose.

So in this strategy you could use the sticky wilds to increase your chances of winning but get a great chance of a big win if you hit the bonus feature where you keep your sticky wilds for the 8 free spins + get additional sticky wilds when they pop up.

wild-gambler-wild-strategyIn the graphic you can see my favourite strategy where I use wilds on the right hand side of the reels as these are cheaper and keep the coin value to the 0.01 minimum.  This way I have a good chance of hitting the big 5 in a row wins quite often.

As with all big win / high risk strategies you either finish with a smile and nice profit or you finish quickly.  I used this last night with BGO casino which I find a lot of success with this particular slot.  I deposited £40 to get the free spins from their email offer, played my balance up to £118 and withdrew, forfeiting my bonus spins which if I had used them would have added some heavy wagering so were not worth it given the profit made already, earlier in the week I did the same thing and withdrew £48 from my £40 deposit.

High RTP Small Bet Example – Great Blue

Great Blue is a high variance slot which is all about the bonus rounds (Great Blue Slot Review on the high variance slot strategy page).  The strategy here is to accept lots of small losses in the hope of hitting bonus rounds with up to 33 free spins and/or a 15x multiplier and getting big wins.  I have tried various bet amounts (coin values) and found £0.50 the most effective as the bonus wins are big enough to offset the number of spins it takes to hit the bonus round in the first place which can be 100+ spins.

I use Great Blue when I have £100+ of bonus funds to wager through and as with the Wild Gambler strategy above, I either end up in profit or wipe out.  The temptation with this slot strategy is to keep on spinning once you have completed wagering or have a positive balance but keep in mind that you can lose a lot waiting for the next bonus round which can pay small as well as big.  I have won £900+ on a single bonus round and as little as £8, the latter meaning a wipe out.

Minimum Bet Maximum Lines

This strategy is simple, you play high RTP games (see casino slot RTP guide) with maximum lines to reduce variance and maximise your balance for as long as possible.

When do you use this?  Either after a big win where you want to complete wagering of a bonus with small losses or as part of a bonus spins / deposit strategy where you want to play through money deposited with the lowest loss so you can withdraw the balance prior to using the bonus spins.

Example – Dead or Alive

Dead-or-alive-casino-slotDead or Alive is a high variance slot which I go into more detail in the High variance slot strategy page but it is actually very effective for minimising losses on Casumo casino and other similar casino’s where you need to play through your deposit before withdrawing and playing your spins to use the loophole with Super Monopoly Money (SMM).

So in this strategy you would play £0.09 spins to minimise loss and make it back on the bonus rounds which feature 12 free spins with a 2x multiplier.  I have always done well on this slot, either making a few £ profit or losing only a few £’s.

Example – Blood Suckers

blood-suckers-casino-slotBlood Suckers is one of the highest RTP slots available at 98% and as such does not qualify for wagering of some casino bonuses so make sure you check but it is extremely good when you can use it.

Playable from £0.25 a spin, it has a bonus feature where you pick vampire coffins for cash prizes and a free spins feature where you begin with 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier.

As above with the Dead or Alive slot you play minimum bet maximum lines and given the high RTP not only hit wins extremely frequently which minimise loss but also have a good chance of profit with the bonus and free spins round.

I have had mixed results with the Blood Suckers slot but most have excellent results and profits.  However, I have had some decent wins of £100+ by gradually increasing the bet/coin value once I get into profit which compared to the losses when wagering through a bonus spins deposit type strategy put this slot ahead of the Dead or Alive slot in the long game.

Remember to take a look at the casino slot RTP guide for other slots like Big Bad Wolf, Zombies, Jack Hammer and Jack Hammer 2 as these are all excellent choices for this strategy.