£8 expected profit in just 5 easy steps.

  1. Open betting exchange account (if not completed yet)
  2. Open bookmaker account
  3. Place qualifying bet with bookmaker
  4. Place lay bet with betting exchange
  5. Repeat for 2nd profit

Step 1 – Sign up to Betfair (betting exchange)

The first thing you need is a betting exchange account so you can place ‘Lay’ bets to cover your ‘Back’ bets.  The biggest betting exchange out there is Betfair (owned by the bookmaker PaddyPower), click here to open an account with Betfair.   (opens in a new browser tab)

Open Account with Betfair   (opens in a new browser tab)


Step 2 – Sign up to LeoVegas (bookmaker)

Open account with LeoVegas (opens in a new browser tab)

Important:  Choose Sports Bonus under Choose Bonus when registering


Once your LeoVegas account is open deposit £10.

This offer is a little different to others so far as LeoVegas will give us a 100% profit boost on our first 2x £5 bets and we can use this to make a guaranteed profit due to the inflated odds.

Check the T&C’s to make sure no mistakes are made.

Step 3 – Place qualifying ‘Back’ bet with LeoVegas

Open both Betfair and LeoVegas websites in your web browser so you can quickly find a good match or use a free tool like Odds Search (free signup) to find a match.  The back must be lower than 21 and the higher the odds means higher liability so make sure you have enough in Betfair to cover both £5 bets.

Important:  Odds must be lower than 21

Once you’ve found what you want to bet on, you need to calculate what the doubled LeoVegas odds would be.

Important:  Double Odds Calculation

  • Multiply odds by 2
  • Subtract 1 from the total
  • = new double odds total to use as your back bet odds

Example:  So if your original odds are 4.0 you would enter 7 as your back odds because 4 x 2 = 8 then subtract 1 = 7

Please note:  Select the ‘Profit Boost’ option from Bonus Offers on the betslip.

Step 4 – Place ‘Lay’ bet with Betfair

Use the Odds Search Calculator or Tricky Bets Calculator to work out your bets.

  • Select “Normal” at the top as it is your qualifying bet
  • The bookmaker stake is £5
  • Enter the doubled LeoVegas back odds (work this out using the method above).
  • Enter the exchange lay odds
  • Enter the lay commission (5% for Betfair)
  • Click on to calculate

As long as you remembered to use the formula above, the calculator should show you a profit, this is due to the inflated difference in odds between the back odds and the lay odds.

The lay stake and the liability will be shown, remember the “liability” is the amount you need to deposit into the exchange to cover your bet.

Step 5 – Repeat for 2nd 100% profit boost

Now you simply need to go through the entire process again with your second 100% profit boost.

You should expect to make around £8 profit from this offer.

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