Football Pools – 4 Free Bets

Matched Betting Date & Time Restrictions:  Valid until 11:30 on Saturday 27th January.

This offer is super easy and worth a go as you have nothing to lose.  Simply open an account and play the 4 free games and if you pick 8 out of 10 score draws you win!

Best of luck and let us know if you end up winning or you could always buy me a pint via the Paypal donate button 😉

Step 1 – Matched Betting – Qualifying Bet (zero cost)

Open account with The Football Pools







Once your Football Pools account is open setup the direct debit to qualify for the 4 free bets.

Step 2 – Matched Betting – Extract Profit with Free Bets

You will receive a 4 free bets, basically 1 per week for the next month.

  1. Simply login to your account each week
  2. Choose 10 games which you think have a good chance of ending in a score draw and submit your entry.

8 or more of your 10 matches end up in a score draw for that entry, you win.

Nice, told you it was easy!