Bet365 Vegas – £100 (Not Risk Free)

For this offer you will be using your existing Bet365 account, if you have not already completed the signup then do it here:

Click here to view the offer.

Important:  This will only work for people who haven’t used Bet365 Vegas before.

Log into your Bet365 account and visit the below link to find your bonus code.

Step 1 – Qualify

Deposit or transfer £100 into Bet365 Vegas and enter the bonus code.

Make sure you are in the Vegas section of Bet36 and open up the Bloodsuckers slot game.

Set the lines to maximum and the stake to minimum and use autoplay to keep spinning until you have wagered through £100 in total.

Step 2 – Extract Profit

Once the wagering is complete you will receive a £100 bonus.  The deposit + bonus needs to be wagered another 19.5 x (total of £3900).   If you bust out during the wagering do not redeposit to continue.