Bet365 £50 – Football (Risk Free)

Date & Time Restrictions: Valid until (and including) Wednesday 19th October.

For this offer, you will be using an existing Bet365 account. If you haven’t already done the signup then do it here:

Login to your Bet365 account then follow the link below to claim the offer.

Step 1 – Qualifying Bet

Place a £50 pre-match bet on the Barcelona v Manchester City match and lay the bet off as normal.  You can bet on any market but go for the lowest qualifying loss.

Step 2 – Extract Profit

When the game starts on Wednesday, place another £50 bet using your own money

Important:  Find something with high odds and calculate as ‘SnR’.  You will not be using a free bet, you place this bet with your money as you get £50 back as cash if it loses.  Lay the bet off with your Betfair exchange, this ensures it makes a guaranteed profit due to the refund from Bet365.

Important:  There are no minimum odds for this offer.